Thursday, July 14, 2016

Musical Menace -- Purple People

Purple people eaters eat purple people. That's what they call a truism, daddy-o.

But where do they find purple people? The ones not in their bellies, I mean?

They used to find them in outer space. But now, they're finding 'em right here on Earth.  Or rather, the purple people are finding them.  Hunting them down, actually. For revenge.

Which might be helpful to Earthmen, if purple people were actually friendly.  But they ain't.  They sort of hate us for creating a culture where purple people eaters can indulge their musical talents.

To put it bluntly, purple people hate teenagers and their music, and consider us fodder or bait.

Keep that in mind if you happen to meet one.

Randoorshian, Purple People

Callous hunters from another world, perhaps the only redeeming thing about the Randoorshian race is their hatred of Purple People Eaters, for whom they are the preferred prey.  It is unclear whether the two races originate on the same home planet, but some human scholars of the esoteric have learned that the Randoorshian civilization once spanned several star systems, and was laid waste by the one-eyed, one-horned monsters who fed upon them in swarms.

Today, they are an endangered species, and the surviving purple people have dedicated their entire society to ridding the universe of Purple People Eaters. This makes them hostile to Earthmen, most of whom seem enamored of the carnivorous aliens, and who are as primitive as cavemen, anyway, from the Randoorshian perspective.

Purple people usually visit Earth in flying saucers, touching down in isolated or rural areas to take scientific samples of the local flora and fauna (including humans) for experimentation.  They are engaged in an extensive study of Earth culture and defenses, in preparation for their master strike against the planet.  In this way, they will deprive their hated foes of yet another foothold among the stars. That it will likely kill billions of Earth people is of no consequence to the Randoorshians; does one weep for the ants infesting his cupboard when he lays out poison for the roaches?

LotFP Game Stats
Randoorshians are masters of both arcane arts, combat, and super-science.  A typical member of their race exploring on Earth as the stats of an elf of a given level, with the following exceptions and additions.

-- Randoorshian females, the rulers of the race, replace the Search skill with Mad Science.
-- Randoorshian males can use magic without needing to rely on potions, scrolls, wands, and so forth like witches do. Thus, they have use the default magic system.

All purple people are typically armed with ray guns, sonic sabers, and  other exotic Mad Science weapons.  They typically have high Armor Classes due to their reliance on technology, as well.  But if deprived of these things, they are just as fragile as lowly Earthmen... and even tastier.

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