Monday, May 2, 2016

Teenage Monsters

Teenage monsters are a fixture of 1950s B-movies.  In Transylvania, USA, they're more common than their adult counterparts, a bit more high-strung, and definitely more talented.

Any classic horror creature can be "teenaged" by applying the following modifications to their game stats:
  • Because they are not yet fully developed, teenage monsters should have fewer hit dice or other damage indicators than adult monsters.  Pre-teen to young adult monster should be given 2/3 (rounded up) standard Hit Dice, while those on the verge of adulthood should be given 3/4 of the typical Hit Dice.  Thus, teenage monsters can be used as threats for lower-level parties/bands.
  • Still governed far more by their hormones than adult monsters, teenage monsters are more likely to uncontrollably fly off the handle and throw a tantrum.   Whenever a teenage monster is under stress or in danger of not getting its way, it must make a Wisdom-based save (LotFP: save vs. paralysis), or enter a frenzy state that increases its attack capabilities by +3, but reduces its defenses (AC in LotFP) by -2.  During this frenzy, the teenage monster attacks any target within reach, friend or foe.  The frenzy ends when there are no more targets to engage, the monster is defeated, or the monster successfully makes another Wisdom-based save at -4 penalty.
  • Teenage monsters are better at dancing, driving, and playing music than their adult counterparts.  The teenage monster adds one skill point to its default (choose one) Dancing, Driving, Musical Instrument, or Singing skill.
For inspiration, enjoy this taste of classic teenage monstrous mayhem: