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Musical Menace -- Purple People Eaters

Source: Kiley Beecher
Widely believed to be extraterrestrial in origin, these carnivorous creatures are deceptively innocent upon first glance.  The monsters' simple love of playing music ingratiates them to humans quite easily. And a purple people eater, after all, is famous for only eating purple people, which would seem to put most denizens of Earth in the safe zone.  But do not let their whimsical facade fool you: purple people eaters are among the most dangerous monsters you are ever to encounter... especially if they are hungry.

The beings try to keep their hunting of Earth people a secret, but there is at least one documented incident of a purple people eater kidnapping (and presumably eating) a human: the wife of R&B and rock & roll star Bo Diddley, who has since dedicated his life to hunting the creatures and other monsters [1].

Powers (System Neutral):
  • Purple people eaters have several attack forms linked to the horn on their head.  First, they can play a tune that will cause targets to dance uncontrollably until reaching total exhaustion.  Second, they can play another tune that mesmerizes audiences, rendering them more susceptible to surprise attacks or suggestion.
  • The great big eye of a purple people eater has a ray attack that immobilizes prey... and alters the biochemistry of their prey's flesh, making it easier to digest (and, not incidentally,  turning it purple in color).
  • Purple people eaters are known to fly under their own power, and given some eyewitness accounts of their speed (again, see the testimony of Bo Diddley), may actually possess minor teleportation powers.
  • The have natural weaponry in the form of sharp teeth and claws, and are capable of swallowing prey whole. 
  • Being intelligent extraterrestrials, purple people eaters can be equipped with energy weapons or other alien technology that aids them.
  • Finally, they have also been known to consort with some of Earth's less scrupulous witches and warlocks [2], and so may be in possession of potions, scrolls, staffs, or wands that augment their abilities or effect those of their enemies.
LotFP/OSR Stats:
Armor: as chain (LotFP -- AC 16)  
HD: 10  HP: 63
Speed: As human, or 3x human flying
Intelligence: 18
Musical Challenge: 5 in 6 skill on Horn

-- 2 attacks per round, or 1 use of power per round
-- Bite: +10 to hit, 1d8 damage
-- Claws (2): +10 to hit, 1d4 damage
-- Charm Person or Mass Charm Person: each is a separate tune played through the horn in its head, cast as 12th level Magic-User
-- Eye Raypower word stun as 12th level Magic-User; the ray also alters the target's biochemistry unless a successful save vs. magic is rolled.  Failure  means the victim has been transformed into a creature adapted to the purple people eater's home ecology, and is now bio-available for digestion.  Success means the victim is still stunned, but cannot be digested by the monster. 
-- Grapple: +11 to hit with 14 Str
-- Irresistible Dance: music from the monster's long horn causes one victim within 20 ft. of the creature to dance uncontrollably for 1d4+1 rounds (save vs. magic negates).  The victim cannot do anything else during this time, and suffers -4 to AC as well as loss of ability to make further saving throws.
-- Swallow Whole: on a successful Grapple, victim must save vs. paralyze or be swallowed.  A subsequent save vs. paralyze is required to escape instant death.

-- Dimension door 3x/day

[1] Bo Diddley's Testimony about  his encounter with a purple people eater.
[2]The Big Bopper witnesses a purple people eater consorting with witches.

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